Audi A3 Rear Wiper Motor

**Photo of actual part**

General Part Type: Rear Wiper Motor

Description: Rear Wiper Motor 8E9 955 711C 404.842

Part Numbers Observed: 8E9 955 711C

Part Taken From: 2006 A3 AUDI - With 98739 Miles

Part Fits:

AUDI A3 06-13

AUDI A4 02 model VIN E (8th digit)

AUDI A4 03 from VIN 320001

AUDI A4 03 thru VIN 320000

AUDI A4 04-08

AUDI Q5 09-16

AUDI Q5 17 (VIN FP, 7th and 8th digit)

AUDI Q7 07-15

AUDI S4 04-08

AUDI SQ5 14-16

AUDI SQ5 17 (VIN FP, 7th and 8th digit)