BMW Z4 Windshield Wiper Switch


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**Photo of actual part**

General Part Type: Windshield Wiper Switch

Description: Windshield Wiper Switch 8363664m 0120400014 PA66 MX40

Part Numbers Observed: 8363664m

Part Taken From: 2003 Z4 - With 101159 Miles

Part Fits:

BMW 320i 01-05 Wiper; (Sdn, Canada market)

BMW 323i 99 Wiper; Sdn (E46)

BMW 323i 00 Wiper; Conv

BMW 323i 00 Wiper; Cpe

BMW 323i 00 Wiper; Sdn

BMW 325i 01-05 Wiper; Sdn

BMW 325i 01-06 Wiper; Conv

BMW 325i 01-06 Wiper; Cpe

BMW 328i 99 Wiper; Sdn (E46)

BMW 328i 00 Wiper; Cpe

BMW 328i 00 Wiper; Sdn

BMW 330i 01-05 Wiper;

BMW 330i 06 Wiper; Conv

BMW 330i 06 Wiper; Cpe

BMW 525i 01-03 Wiper; Sdn, w/o headlamp washers

BMW 528i 00 Wiper; Sdn, w/o headlamp washers

BMW 530i 01-03 Wiper; w/o headlamp washers

BMW 540i 00-03 Wiper; Sdn, w/o headlamp washers

BMW 740i 00-01 Wiper;

BMW 750i 00-01 Wiper;

BMW M3 01-06 Wiper;

BMW Z4 03-08 Wiper;