Audi TT Water Pump


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**Photo of actual part**

General Part Type: Water Pump

Description: Water Pump Normal Wear

Part Numbers Observed:

Part Taken From: 2001 TT AUDI - With 140000 Miles

Part Fits:

AUDI A4 02 1.8L, engine ID AMB

AUDI A4 03-04 1.8L

AUDI A4 05 from VIN 400001, (new design), 1.8L

AUDI A4 05 thru VIN 400000, 1.8L

AUDI A4 06 1.8L (Conv)

AUDI A4 06 2.0L

AUDI TT 00-03

AUDI TT 04-06 1.8L (turbo)

BEETLE 98-00 2.0L

BEETLE 99-05 1.8L (turbo gas)

BEETLE 01 2.0L, engine ID AEG

BEETLE 01 2.0L, engine ID AVH

BEETLE 01 2.0L, engine ID AZG

BEETLE 02-05 2.0L

GOLF 99 Htbk, model VIN J (8th digit), 2.0L

GOLF 00-01 1.8L (turbo gas)

GOLF 00-02 2.0L, Htbk

GOLF 03-05 2.0L

GOLF 06-07 2.0L, w/o turbo

GOLF 07 1.8L (turbo gas)

GOLF 08 2.0L

GOLF 09 (2.0L)

GOLF 10-11 2.0L, gasoline

GOLF GTI 99 2.0L, VIN J (8th digit)

GOLF GTI 00 1.8L

GOLF GTI 00 2.0L

GOLF GTI 01-06 1.8L (turbo gas)

JETTA 99 VIN M (8th digit), 2.0L

JETTA 00-05 2.0L

JETTA 00-06 1.8L (turbo gas)

JETTA 07 (Sdn), 2.0L, engine ID BEV

JETTA 08 2.0L, engine ID BEV

JETTA 09-11 2.0L, gasoline, engine ID BEV

JETTA GLI 02-04 1.8L

JETTA GLI 05 (1.8L)

PASSAT 00-01 1.8L (turbo gas), engine ID AUG

PASSAT 01 1.8L (turbo gas), engine ID AWM

PASSAT 02-05 1.8L (turbo gas)